large leaves drawing
Leaves image no.23
Leaves image no.6
Leaves Symmetry image no.1
Leaves Face image no.1
Leaves Face image no.9
Leaves Face image no.6
Leaves image no.1
Digital Drawing Tools

I built some computer based drawing tools. Of course I use them myself, but they can equally be used by anyone else.

My aim is that these drawing tools enhance the intelligence and intuitiveness of the human with the precise and powerful input of the computer and thus facilitate new forms of drawing.

The tools allow highly detailed images to be created quickly by a human operator making inspired decisions expressed in a few quick strokes while the computer acts as a hyper efficient ‘assistant’ using a set of rules to add complex details and flourishes to these strokes in real time.
The production of these highly detailed images therefore becomes a far less laborious undertaking. This allows greater spontaneity and an iterative process to develop and thus facilitates the creation of new kinds of images which could not be made by other means.

Developing these tools and using them to create drawings are ongoing parallel processes which of course inform each other. Recently I have been experimenting with plant forms, naturally enough one of the most enduring inspirations of pattern makers.