Calculator annotations demo
Radio in scene demo
Sim card labelling demo
Calculator X-ray demo
Sim card story demo
Digital Display Case

A research project for the London Science Museum investigating the possibilities of new transparent LCD touchscreen technology to enhance museum visitors’ experience of objects in traditional glass display cases.

This job was a collaboration with Dominic Robson of Harmonic Kinetic. Whilst l mostly handled software development and graphics Dominic concentrated on hardware solutions.

As this was a research project our emphasis was on iterative development, evaluation and refinement of a series of usable interactive prototypes rather than a single polished product. Prototypes were tested by actual museum visitors supervised by the Science Museum’s audience research team and the real-world feedback from this testing informed our ongoing development process.

The end result was a series of ‘interactive concept sketches’ ranging from the more obvious possibilities of dynamic and touch-sensitive object labels, through time based presentations of object-stories within a display, to evocative animated graphic settings for objects.