Pirate Pat Poster

Collect coins and treasure
Pat heads down the beach
The Temple
The Kings Heads
Atlantis is collapsing!
Pirate Pat

Pirate Pat is an online game I developed with Marc Linder. We’re a pretty classic two man games team in that I mostly handle graphics while Marc does the programming and we collaborate on the game design. Andy Huntingdon also did us some rather nice sound design.

Our aim was to create a brief but highly entertaining game that would leave the player wanting more. A player on Kongregate commented ‘Simple puzzler yet somehow able to grab you and keep you playing’, so I think we got that bit right.

The game design is deliberately mellow, with simple controls and an emphasis on leisurely, non-fatal exploration. A review by Jay Is Games said ‘Pirate Pat’s wonderful artwork and music round things out to provide a very enjoyable gaming experience. And let’s face it. Who can resist a pirate in a submarine?’